Anima Tactics – Janus Faith

October 14, 2007

Today I painted Janus Faith from the Anima Tactics line. His scheme is what is displayed on the back of his card.

I primed him black and then did a quick dry brush of Vallejo Model Color Gold to pick off the armor detail. I then painted the white parts of the armor P3 Frostbite followed with P3 Morrow White.

His faith is painted P3 Midland Flesh with P3 Flesh Wash. His pants are highlighted with P3 Bastion Grey.

The model took about 1 hour 30 minutes to complete.

Janus Faith is 45 points and really is just a tank for the Light faction. He has an Armor of 3 plus an Absolute Defense which increases by 3 for a total of Armor 6. The great thing about Absolute Defense is that it’s an upkeep. Aoi Inukai casting Coral Ecstasy brings Janus up to Armor 8 at the same time allowing him to upkeep Absolute Defense with a Haste Token. This would leave him with 4 actions for him to move up and use Executioner.

Janus Faith would seem to be a logical replace for Kronen . He is more offensive than Kronen and will actually have a chance to hit things. Janus doesn’t have as many life points as Kronen to sustain damage in the long run which could lead him to be get killed early on. I will try him with Greater Life Potion to keep him in the game longer.

Hopefully I can get him to work for me in my upcoming game this Friday.


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