Pulp City – Androida Stat Card

October 18, 2007

Today we get a preview of what the stat cards for Pulp City models will look like. Today’s preview is of Androida. You can read more about it here.

The card is simple and clean. Very easy to read. We learn more of the 6 basics stats that are grouped into 3 pairs, Strength and Defense, Energy and Agility and Mind and Spirit.

It’s different from the miniatures games I used to as I don’t see a movement or attack stat value. My curiosity is peaked on how the above stats will work out to resolve basic characteristics such as movement, attacking and taking damage.

On the back of the card we see her special abilities. These special abilities are tied to on of the 6 traits on the front of the card with their respective Action Point cost.

I like the simplicity of the card and having the model’s special abilities in one place for quick reference. Hopefully the play test pack will be here soon, all these teasers are making me anxious to play.


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