Privateer Press Presents Monsterpocalyes CMG

October 29, 2007

Today Privateer Press announces that it is expanding to the collectible miniatures market with it’s kaiju (giant monster) game Monsterpocalypes.

Accord the the press release the game will be released in 2008 with 80 figures in it’s initial release. Included in this set are large-scale monsters (the average being 60 mm) destroyable city structures and vehicles.

The game will be sold in randomized boosters and non-randomized starters.

Like most people this is one thing I never expected from Privateer Press. I don’t think it spells doom and gloom for the company. I’m actually very interested in the genre that they picked for this game.

The prototype sculpts look good. I especially like the robot. I’m very much looking forward to this game. I hope the mechanics are on par with that of Warmachine and Hordes.


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