League Week 1 Pre-Game

November 1, 2007

Tomorrow will be the first day of league play for week 1 and I still have not decide what to use. Menoth or Everblight? I’m leaning towards Everblight since we have 2 Menoth. Eventually though I do want to use my Menoth.

We also have special rules that may force my hand to pick Legion. Rhyas is an excellent Warlock without her spells and feats. She has numerous special abilities that make her very deadly. Here are our special rules this week.

It’s Halloween and even Warlocks and Warcasters get into the spirit! Before each game roll on the appropriate chart to determine who your caster is dressed up as.

Cygnar: 1-2 Caine 3-4 Haley 5-6 Stryker
Menoth: 1-2 Severius 3-4 Kreoss 5-6 Reclaimer
Cryx: 1-2 Asphyxious 3-4 Skarre 5-6 Deneghra
Khador: 1-2 Butcher 3-4 Sorscha 5-6 Vladimir
Mercs: Use the chart of whichever faction you are working for.
Trolls: 1-2 Ironhide 3-4 Doomshaper 5-6 Bloodsong
Circle: 1-2 Kaya 3-4 Baldur 5-6 Krueger
Skorne: 1-2 Morghoul 3-4 Makeda 5-6 Hexeris
Legion: 1-2 Lylyth 3-4 Thagrosh 5-6 Vayl

What this means is if you are playing Cryx and running Skarre but roll a 1, you will now use Aspy’s spells and feats for the game, but you will continue to use your stats and weapons as normal.

Let’s see what sort of abusive combinations could Rhyas have this week.

Field of Slaughter is a nice feat to have with Ryhas. It just means I have more fury to attack you with when I go for the kill to make sure something I want dead stays dead. Lylyth’s spell list is nothing to get really excited for though.

Dark Revival is perfect for the two Angelius I plan on taking with Ryhas. It will allow me to be a bit more aggressive with one Angelius knowing very well I can bring it back. Thragrosh does have some spells Rhyas can put to good use. Death Shroud would make Rhyas defense 18 from range attacks and her Angelius defense 16. Draconic Blessing is a nice upkeep spell that would work great on Angelius or even Rhyas herself. The +2 strength and terror is especially nice. The rest of the spells a bit too costly for the effect for Ryhas.

Cast a mouse just makes an already very mobile Rhyas even more mobile. Since Ryhas doesn’t take free strikes it would allow her to move 7″ each time someone in her control area moves. This would be perfect for setting Rhyas up for th next turn. The rest of Vayl’s spells I don’t think I would find too useful.

Well after writing all these thoughts down, I think Rhyas would be the perfect choice for this week’s games.


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