Make Your Own Warcaster/Warlock

November 14, 2007

The first Warmachine event for my gaming group next year will be one that has been put on hold for about 2 years now. In January we will be having the make your own warcaster/warlock night. Everyone gets to make a warcaster/warlock to field in a 500 point army using the following guidelines.

Your caster/lock will be 100 points of your 500 point army.

Your focus/fury stat is 6
Warcasters may have 6 spells
Warlocks may have 4

All spells, abilities and feats must be selected from what’s available in your chosen faction. Mercenary may select from any mercenary warcaster.

Stat Line
Your basic stat line also determines your model’s base size and life points. Karchev’s stat line cannot be selected.

You may select 1 melee weapon and 1 range weapon. The abilities and special attacks of those weapons go with your warcaster/warlock.

You may select 4 abilities.

You may select 1 feat from your faction.

So I started tinkering away on a Mercenary Warlock I may field. I present to you Anysa Vain! Here card was made using the Warmachine Card Generator.


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