Wings of War

November 18, 2007

Yesterday at one our LGS’s Quarterly Games Day the owner was demoing a new game they were carrying called Wings of War. It’s a World War I/II aircraft game where players take control of an airplane and do maneuvers to try shoot down enemy planes.

There are 2 versions to this game. A World War I and World War II. The World War I has several expansions under it’s belt but is not compatible to World War 2. Personally I prefer the World War I aircraft but unfortunately he had only one copy of the World War II version.

The game out of the box uses cards to represent the airplanes but in the more advance rules you use actual miniatures which can also indicate altitude via it’s flight stand. There are no WWII miniatures available yet, but reading the Wings of War forum I see people buying 1/144 scale toy models to represent the aircraft. One good alternative is 21st Century Toys Dog Fight line of models. When I get back from my trip I may have to pick this one up.


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