Pirate’s Challenge

December 9, 2007

With the Pirates of the Broken Coast book coming out in a few weeks I am now challenging myself to paint all my unpainted Pirate’s models by next year.

Here’s what I have painted so far.

  • 1 Freebooter
  • 2 Bucanneers (Needs basing)
  • 1 Mariner (Needs basing)
  • First Mate Hawk
  • Doc Killingsworth

Total: 6 Models

Here’s what I need to paint.

  • 2 Full Units of 10 Sea Dogs (20 Models)
  • 1 Unit of 8 Sea Dogs
  • 4 Sea Dogs Riflemen
  • Mr. Walls, The Quarter Master
  • 1 Mariner
  • 1 Bucaneer
  • Commodore Cannon & Crew (4 Models)
  • Lord Rockbottom
  • Bosun Grogspar
  • Captain Phinneus Shae

Total: 35 Models

Some of the models I had painted earlier but due to an unfortunate accident many of my models got chipped. Instead of trying to figure out what paints I used and fix each one I decided to give them all a coat of primer and redo them all.

Tonight I finished First Mate Hawk and Doc Killingsworth.


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