2007 Year In Review

December 12, 2007

This past year (thanks to TNG) I was introduced to a lot of really good minis and games. Here are my favorites for this past year.

Anima Tactics – I broke down and bought the whole line. The models are top notch and the game is fast and fun with lots of strategic options. I really like the metal used and how clean the castings are.

Hordes Evolution – Lots of new toys to play with for all my factions. The new light cav makes very interesting fast and furious game play. Model assembly is still a pain but not so much as Rackham.

Tannhauser – Great board game with great minis. I love the weird war background and the way the product is sold with it’s main game and expansions. I think this game would have done well as a normal miniatures game. The models are creative and have a ton of character.

AT-43 – Fast and fun sci-fi game. The pre-painted models doesn’t divert my time to paint the models in order to enjoy it (already have enough to paint). The company building rules are a bit cumbersome but that goodness for fan made army builders.

AE-WWII – I bought the German and American starters. The models look great but are difficult to assemble with all the options available to them. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the rules.

Wyrd Games – I bought a ton of this line this year. The models are great. I love how they make great sculpts that are easy to assemble (most models are 1 piece). Privateer Press could take note on this as lately their models have been getting more and more difficult to assemble. Also some time soon (next year I hope) they will have a game to go with their great miniatures. Be on the look out for Malifaux Matters!

Anima Tactics – I love these minis. To me they have so much character and stand out of the norm from your usual fantasy miniatures. I guess it also helps that I’m a big fan of Wen’s artwork.

Games the I heard about this year and looking forward to next year
Pulp City – I was fortunate enough to help playtest this game. The mechanics are great. I wish I could say more but trust me on this one. From what I seen on the previews I know I will be picking up this line.

Helldorado – I did buy and paint some of this stuff this past year but I’m looking forward to it next year when (hopefully) an English version comes out. I have decide to not buy any more and wait till that happens.

Bottom Line
All in all this year had a lot of good things come out. Next year seems to have more good things on the horizon. I see a lot of low model skirmish games coming out. I like that a lot as it allows me to get involved in a variety of games with out committing any sort of major investment in them. For example with Anima Tactics I can buy all the characters of 1 alignment and some extra neutral characters for support for under 100 bucks. Can’t wait till 2008!


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