Broadsides Bart vs. Epic Caine

December 29, 2007

Last night I got to try 750 points with the Mercenary Pirate goodness of Broadsides Bart. Here’s my list.

  • Broadsides Bart
  • Mariner 2x
  • Mule 2x
  • Dirty Meg
  • Hawk
  • Grogspar
  • Lord Rockbottom
  • Sea Dogs 8x
    • Mr. Walls
    • Sea Dogs Riflemen 3x

While not the optimal list I wanted to stick to the Pirate theme of my army. I would have added more Sea Dogs to run interference but 20 of them are headed for the hands of Kim over at Warmachine Philippines for painting.

My opponents list had the following.

  • Epic Caine
  • Defender
  • Hunter
  • Journeyman Warcaster
  • Gun Mage Captain Adept
  • Piper
  • Eyriss
  • Rangers (8 I think)
  • Stormlances (5 It think)

Being a new warcaster to toy with I made a lot of mistakes with Broadsides. I forgot to cast Hot Shot early to upkeep it and I also forgot to cast Deadweight on my Sea Dog right next to Caine that would have stopped any assassination attempt at all. Bart popped his feat while Caine was in his Control Area and Caine’s range is the same as Bart’s Control Area. To by pass Bart’s feat, Caine cast Stasis on himself and then walked up with 4 focus left to attack. He hit twice but missed with the last shot. Caine needed 9’s to hit because of the -3 to attack of Bart’s feat. Now if I remembered to cast  Deadweight on my Sea Dog, it would have been destroyed and I could have selected Caine to either forfeit his movement or action. Caine wouldn’t have been able to make successful assassination run but because he would only be able to have 1 boosted shot at RAT 6 and his second one without a boost. Caine would have to spend 3 Focus on Gate Crasher to be able to get out and attack Broadsides leaving him with only 1 Focus.

Another big mistake of mine was not letting Dirty Meg Jackmarshall a warjack. Upone careful reading of her stats, her drives only work on Jackmarshalled warjacks. Oh well, I will know better next time.

All in all Broadsides Bart was a blast to play with.


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