2007 Year In Review

December 31, 2007

2007 has been an interesting year for me in gaming. This year I was able to play a lot more different games than I have in previous years. Before it was all about Warmachine and Hordes and that’s it. Burnout from the Warmachine League opened my horizons to explore other miniatures and game systems. Here are my thoughts about 2007.

2007 brought about Leagues for Warmachine. Like most areas our league started strong with lots of player participation. The league has been actually hurtful to our local community as in the beginning of the year there were some new players that couldn’t get a game in unless it was a league game. One of my LGS has already brought this concern to me for next year. Also regular players in the last 2 seasons saw it more like a chore to play instead of being enjoyable. In 2008 I don’t think I will run any of the leagues, at least in the way it is currently formated. I will be busy running demos and building our player base.

The biggest release for Warmachine would have to be the Pirates. Being a merc player at heart I was happy to get another Warcaster and dove in and bought all the Pirates. I’ve finished painting the solos and characters but still have my Sea Dogs to paint.

This year we had a mini league for Hordes that was mixed with Warmachine called Rampage. I played Skorne and I had a difficult time against Cryx and Menoth armies due to my lack of magic. In the end I won as Beast Master. Hordes Cav were a fun addition to the hordes factions. I think my favorite of the bunch are the Legion Raptors as they help me flank my enemy with their fast speed and long range weapons.

Anima Tactics
I picked up this game in the summer time and is actually my second most played game thanks to one of my other local players picking it up. I love the models and the simplicity of the basic game mechanics. Although the mechanics are simple it doesn’t mean that it lacks depth for strategy. Anima Tactics is a simple to learn but difficult to master and a ton of fun all around.

Wyrd Games
Wyrd Games makes outstanding miniatures. This pass summer I also ordered a lot of their miniatures to paint up. They have no game to play with their miniatures at this time but a game called Malifaux is currently in the works to hopefully be released sometime next year. I have held off assembling any more of their models as they have had issues with basing that has not been finalized.

AT-43 is a my second most played game. I started of with Therians but have now moved on to only playing Red Blok. It’s a fun system with easy to learn rules. However, I do not like their army building rules. I find them difficult and restrictive. It is a fun game and that’s what matters the most to me.

Pulp City
This year I got to playtest Pulp City. I always thought a good easy to play superhero game was lacking and I hope Pulp City will fill that niche. From what I have seen I think it will. I am very much looking forward to this game next year.

Weird war is a genre that I have always found an interest in and Alternate Events World War 2 will be the game that fills that niche for me. I have heard good things about the rules and I hope to get the rulebook soon. So far I have the American and German starters.

Another weird war game but this time as a board game. Tannhauser has very excellent miniatures and I think would make a good miniatures game. The times I’ve played this game I have found enjoyable. Something I will keep on collecting.

Finally got to play some Heroscape. This past Christmas season allowed me to get some great deals on both Master Set 1 and 2. Now I have a ton of terrain. I hope to get more came in 2008.

I got into this game really late this year. Infinity was mostly what I got for Christmas. I haven’t played a game yet, but the models are beautiful. I sort of dove right in with 3 starters, 3 tags and 3 characters models.

2007 was a great year for gaming. I found myself branching out to other games to keep things interesting. Can’t wait for 2008!



  1. I totally agree with the Warmachine sentiment…I’m still burnt out. I’m hesitant in participating in another league. However, I’m still glad about getting to hang out with everyone.

  2. I think it’s the overall league format that burnt me out. Last two weeks I played Warmachine and had a great time. It didn’t feel like a chore. I tried new and fun lists. I did win only 1 of the 3 games I played but I had a wonderful time.

    It was also nice to see 2 new players last week. Teaching the tricks of the different factions was a lot of fun.

  3. yeah….pick up games are cool. The league format just killed it for me.

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