Heavy Gear Blitz Arrives

January 19, 2008

I just got my 2 Heavy Gear Blitz starters in the mail today and they are disappointingly small. I had no idea the models were that tiny. For $39.95 I really expected a lot more than 5 tiny mech models.



  1. Enjoy your new Blitz models. It is really a fun game, but one of the sticking points is the price for a squad of gears. I have a Southern army that I want to get painted up. Now I just need to learn how to pain…lol…

    Regards and Best,


  2. Thanks. I like the mechanics. I was just really disappointed in the size of the models. I got a Peace River and Southern starter set. Hopefully I can get them at least assembled soon for game play.

  3. If you are used to 28mm-ish scale gaming, I can easily see the surprise of seeing ‘big honkin robots’ in a little package. As someone who grew into gaming via Battletech, uhm, 20-ish years ago, I’m still trying to imagine what Epic (6mm and 1/285) scale Titans from Space Marine/Titan Legions would be like if they were “real life.”

    But, it’s all good as the important thing is to have fun with it…:)

    By the way, you have a nice website, here…Keep it up.


  4. Some of the guys here have already order for it. Is playing with just a squad good enough? Or would it be better if there’s a good number of models on the table?

  5. I think it should be good enough to get started. I’m not too sure. It doesn’t seem like you need a ton of models to play.

  6. By the way, you have a nice website, here…Keep it up.

    Thank you, greatly appreciated.

  7. One of the positives about Heavy Gear Blitz is that you can play a good game with just a couple of squads per side. Which offsets the high model cost in some ways. This is in contrast to the GW games where it behooves players to field a lot of models…and I’m not trying to start a gripe fest against GW – there are plenty of other sites that encourage that kind of behavior -I happen to like GW’s games and products, but sometimes I don’t really want to have to put a lot of models on the table. Moral of the story is that you can have a very enjoyable Heavy Gear game without a ton of stuff.

    There is also a lot of depth in the game, especially when you figure in communications, electronic warfare, command points (which can be used for re-rolls), etc. Plus there are enough differences between the Northern and Southern vehicles and squad combinations that it is possible to have enough army variety without becoming overwhelming.

    Army organization is also well done, and makes it hard for power gamers to take advantage of any accidental loopholes that slipped through. Gear forces generally MUST have at least one GP squad before you can field specialist, recon and fire support Gears, for example. If you are a power gamer, sorry for the slight, but myself and the other 2 chaps that I play Blitz with are more into the fun of the game and not into the ‘have to win all the time’ crowd.

    With the data cards, record keeping is a snap, which contrasts to filling out sheets of bubbles ala Battletech…again, no slight intended, but I personally prefer moving stuff around on a table rather than doing the record keeping thing.

    However, a legitimate criticism of the game is with the book editing. Dream Pod 9 is a small shop, and editing problems have plagued them for the past several years. This can be a hindrance in trying to attract new players when there is confusion in building a force list or trying to figure out how some of the rules mechanics play out. But, DP9 is working on this, and their forums are full of helpful people that will welcome you as a new player and won’t make you feel like an idiot.

    Hope this helps to stoke the fire and encourage you to try it out.

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