Pulp City Concept: Mirage

February 2, 2008


Here’s a concept character I did for Pulp City. Her name is Mirage and here is her background.

Very little is known about Mirage. She appears and disappears inside of Pulp City on the side of either good or evil. Whomever can afford her services have in their employs the best in the business of assassination or thievery.

Mirage has an inborn ability to make herself and whatever she comes in contact with invisible. Her sword is custom made as one single piece to allow her to achieve total invisibility. This unique ability makes her a very capable theif when it comes to small but valuable items.

Mirage is also an expert in hand to hand combat and is an expert swordsman. It is not known exactly what form of martial arts she practices as those who do see her in action only see her for a short glimpse.


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