Rackham Growing Locally

March 27, 2008

I am pleased to see the Rackham games are growing here locally. We got a couple more people into AT-43 and in a bit I won’t be the only one in our game group to pick up Confrontation. In anticipation of all this new gaming blood I ordered some more Confrontation stuff to build up my Griffin army. I was tempted to get another starter set but I really don’t feel like playing Wolfen. That may change when the army book comes out. I should be getting the following in the next couple days:

  • Griffin Templars Unit Box
  • Griffin Templars Attachment Box
  • Griffin Fusiliers Unit Box
  • Griffin Army Book

What I’m really waiting for this year are the new Dirz models. It’s going to be a while so knowing me I’d probably end up buying Wolfen in between all the wait. 


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