Griffins Are Here

March 31, 2008

 I’ve got to give a hand to the U.S. Postal Service. They are really fast. 4 days from New York to Hawaii over the weekend and my Griffins are here. I took some pictures of them straight out of the box for anyone interested. I really like the Templar models and will touch them up. The Fusiliers are screaming to be touched up around the heads. I also don’t know why a majority of them are looking up. Oh well.




  1. I just can’t bring myself to like pre-paints from Rackham… I dunno.. :(

  2. I guess for me I never really go into C3 a lot. I did have the miniatures but as far as playing it was always a challenge for me. I will touch of some models though or just buy their metal versions of them… namely the Incarnates.

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