Rest In Peace Pastor Max

April 5, 2008

I know this is not gaming related at all but I just feel like I should post my thoughts somewhere and where better to do so than the blog I regularly update.

Early this week I learned that someone who has greatly influenced my outlook on life and Christianity has passed away. He was a close personal friend of my family and helped me and my family get through some tough times when my folks separated. Me and my brother called him for help when we did not know where to turn to or what to do. On his own time he flew all the way back to Hawaii because he believed he should answer this call for help. He was a very giving man that did whatever he could to help and put no limits on his love and care.

Many know he was well known in NASCAR. Because of him me and my wife got to actually enjoy and see a NASCAR race. He even was able to get us behind the scenes right next to where the racers pit crew were.

His teachings where influential on me and taught me that Christianity is not about doing stuff but being who you are and letting God, not the church with its rules, change you. He taught me that like how babies take time to grow and mature so is the process of being a Christian. His teachings has opened my eyes from legalism and rules and regulations of the modern church. For that I am greatful.

You will be missed Pastor Max. My family and I could never repay you for love, care and friendship you have given us.



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