Karman Addiction

April 12, 2008

Yesterday I picked up more Karmans. This time a unit of Kaptars and their attachement box and an Easy Trike box. I’m thinking I’m playing Karmans next AT-43 Monday.



  1. Larkin has deep deep pockets! Must have a decent job my friend! You must have so much stuff (and time!).

  2. Heheh, they are actually very shallow considering money comes in and goes just as fast. I’ve been spending a bit more than usual because I sold quite a bit of my Transformers toy collection last week. Got rid of one addiction to feed another :)

  3. Yeah I’m really thinking of getting into AT-43 (or AoE) since my GFs kids could play with the pre-paints asap. I tried WM / Hordes but the mechanic is just too complex to teach (especially in another language!)

    Frontiers looks interesting too though.

  4. Frontiers is really simple. For kids and just over a good fun game I would suggest Heroscape. It’s really easy to pick up. The basic version is easy for the kids. As then get used to the basic mechanic you can go to the advance rules. It gets them into the basics of miniature war games with the terrain modules and hexes. Try it out some time. I’ve had lots of fun with it and my daughter loves it. I also got my wife to play a couple times.

  5. Yeah? I’m actually thinking of waiting for Monsterpocalypse too. The kids already love Kaiju being in Japan and all, and already expressed an interest in the game.

    Shouldn’t be too hard to pick up some Heroscape bargains now, however. hm.

  6. I’m really excited for Monsterpocalypse. I can’t wait till Gen Con and actually get some games in.

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