Apocalyptic Titan

April 15, 2008

One of my gaming goals for this year was to build a Warhammer 40K Titan. It’s getting close to mid year so I figured that I better get started in planning this monstrosity.

I decided to go with the largest out there, the Emperor Class Titan. There are two that I know of; the Imperator and the Warmonger. For this project I will go for the more popular Imperator.

I asked our locals who know 40k a lot more than I do the approximate size of an Emperor Class Titan and have learned that the various companies that have made Titans in the past have not been consistent with scale. I decide to go my own way and just make it 3 feet tall.

I’ve drawn out some plans but will first need to make an skeleton to hold up this giant. I’m and thinking of going with PVC pipes. Maybe I will take a trip to my local hardware store and start pricing out various materials.

Hopefully this goal gets down by the end of the year.



  1. ya, I’m going for more of a home made battle field, bought the wood bases and made a couple of buildings. Have to say tho, with a big project like that takes a lot of time, or couple of people to help you out

  2. Fortunately I know some folks who have made one before and have templates for building on. The question is will I ever get to it.

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