Flipping Out

April 29, 2008

Today I purchased the Flip Ultra video camera. I’ve read many good reviews about it online and seen very good sample clips that really high light it’s abilities. I plan on taking it with me to GenCon to get some quick video coverage that I can easily upload at the end of the day or at the con (depending on wifi rates) with out the hassle of real time video transfer through my MiniDV’s firewire port. The Flip Ultra has 60 minutes of recording time which is equivalent to one MiniDV tape. It also uses standard AA batteries which will allow me to easily power up again just in case I use up all of it’s 5 hour battery life.



  1. C’mon, be honest! You only got it because it’s got “Flip” in the title. Hey, you can be Ultra Flip with the Flip Ultra.

  2. Hahah yeah I’m an ultra flip with a flip ultra:)

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