Flames of War: Tigers Marsch

May 1, 2008

Today I picked up the Tigers Marsch box set from one of our LGS that mainly pushes Flames of War. This is my second time trying to get into this game. My hopes is that this small platoon would allow me to at least finish one army and play this game.



  1. This box should help since it is almost an entire army in points alone.


  2. You will need some infantry to go along with your tanks. Infantry stands have space marine saves and are surprisingly resiliant. Large platoons win games in FOW. Its tought to win with just Tigers, as cool as they are. You are heading down the same path I did (i bought the same set) look forward to a great game that is superior to 40k!

    Dont close and assault with your Tigers. Use the big guns superior range to destroy platoons with concentrated direct fire. Destroy platoons that are not dug in first to try and win the game. Get some Nebelwerfers (rockets) to lay down smoke and HE, its the cheapest artillery the Germans have. Always target vehicles with your rockets smoke (easiest to hit vs trying to hit inf.)

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