Testing the Flip

May 8, 2008

I brought my Flip Ultra to a job site yesterday and took some video with it to test it out.



  1. The video is pretty clear. How was the ease in porting onto your puter? What program did you use? When are you going to get stabilization for your hand?

  2. That’s the great part of the Flip. It saves it in a digital format. Porting it to your computer is as easy as dragging and dropping it to your hard drive as the Flip also acts like a flash drive.

    Hahah yeah I was walking down hill while filming that.

  3. Ok, you’ve had it for a month now. Are you still excited about it? Would you still recommend this as a product for others?
    What is your current take on it, would you buy it again if given the chance?

  4. Yep I still am. If you look at my latest post I made a quick video review of the Rez. Vatacina crew starter.

    It’s so easy to use. I even used it today for work to do a video documentation of the server environment for a client.

  5. Well darn you, I went ahead and picked one last night from Amazon. Shipping means it will be here in about a week to 10 days.
    We will have to compare to see who comes up with the best videos for Gencon.

  6. Awesome! The more video coverage the better. It’s really handy. Me and my wife were looking at houses this past weekend and we took it around to video the houses we saw to review again later. It’s also great since it fits in a small bag and can be taken out really quick to capture moments without the hassle of busting out the clunky camcorder.

  7. Are you only using the built in software to transfer your video to your machine, or have you found another package that integrates with the Flip?

  8. I don’t use it at all. When plugged in it acts like a removable disk. I just go to the directory the video is in and drag and drop it to my computer and use Windows Movie Maker to added titles, effects, etc.

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