More D&D Miniatures

May 26, 2008

Wow… collectible is really addictive. Yesterday I bought 2 boosters and today I bought 1 booster. I think that will be it for me… for now. I need to save up for 2 other collectible miniatures game on the horizon Monsterpocalypse and World of Warcraft. Speaking of World of Warcraft… here’s a really funny video.



  1. Wow…what don’t you get into?
    However, I am interested in how Monsterpocalypse looks. This may just get me back to the table.

  2. Heheh stupid impulse buys. I think this is all the D&D minis I will be getting a long time. I have enough to play an interesting game. Monsterpocalpyse is what I’m really waiting for.

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