GW Bug Recap

July 10, 2008

Wow this year I really got the GW bug. I guess with 5th edition coming out it’s a good year to get started up again. Let’s recap.

Wow that’s a lot of GW in the last 5 months. All that’s left is to get 5th edition and some more terrain. When will the bug end?



  1. You must have one of the best paid jobs in the world ;-P

    And an extremely tolerant family.

    Major respect for painting so much of it already – you’re extremely prolific!

  2. What is amazing, is that I know that isn’t the only miniatures and game systems you have been working on this year either!

    You’ve collected WWII 28mm, Super hero 28mm, PP WM/Hordes, Anime 28mm, as well as more I’m sure that I’ve overlooked!

    Welcome to the fraternal order of “the Lords and Ladies of Excess”.

    But as they always say, if you have to have a habit, there could be worse ones.

  3. You forgot my Confrontation repaints. :) Heheheh. Yep my wife is great about my hobby. My job is also good in terms of time and money.

    My wife prefers my hobby to the other alternative of buying cases of beer and drinking it away or going to the bar all the time away from the family.

    Also a big trick is to involve your kids. My daughter is 3 and she paints stuff with me. :)

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