Calgar and Honor Guard Completed

July 13, 2008

Calgar and Honor Guard completed. Just have to paint up 5 Tactical Marines and 5 Scouts and I’m complete for now.

I just realized in this past week I’ve painted 20 Tactical Space Marines, a Rhino and Calgar and his Honor Guard. 36 models. Not bad for a week.


One comment

  1. this week i’ve bourght Calgar and his Honor Guard and read the codex
    and is probaly the best hq people you can get!
    the two that have the eagle looking helmets are his body gaurds
    (the emporers) and the other are very high up in rank (as know as flakeras champion of all dreadnaughts you can get him in dreadnaught armor and icleck the lord of chaos destructsion)

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