Time to Start Working on Orks

July 16, 2008

With my Space Marine army almost complete (Just a scout squad and combat squad left to paint), I decided to start on my Orks. So far I have purchased an Ork Battleforce and an Bozy box.  I have already assembled a unit of 11 Boz  and have primed them. The cool part about the Ork Boyz box is that even though it says 10 models it has enough parts to make 11 models.

So where’s what I have to do.

  • 2 Units of Boyz
  • 3 Bikes
  • 1 Trukk

The Trukk has a ton of pieces and will take some time to build. I hope to finish building all my Boyz and bikes this week.



  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t just wait for the new starter box to get Orks. It has about $300 in miniatures, that if you split it with another friend you both can get a great SM or Ork force for $80.

  2. Oh but I will. All this is bolster my force so that I at least have a trukk and some bikes to go with all those boyz and deathkoptas. :)

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