1st 2 Games of 5th Edition

July 19, 2008

Last night I played my first 2 games of 5th Edition. There’s one phrase said by a friend of mine the pretty much summed up what I was doing wrong. “Stop playing like you got a pair and play to win.”

I’m still very new to 40k and I’ve learned that this game is not as aggressive as Warmachine/Hordes. While the new edition is more cinematic, it’s still restraining in some aspects.  For example assaulting. I’m not free to assault with my first model at an angle where I still get into base to base contact with the enemy but avoid difficult terrain. Be the letter of the rule I must go the shortest route possible. Something very limiting.

I do love the fact they got rid of targeting priority so I’m free to shoot whoever I want, and I do love the new Line of Sight rules. One thing I’m not to familiar with is the massive ranges on some weapons. Something I still have to get used to.

Its still a clunky system that I need to get used to with so many special rules for each type of unit and how attacks are resolved against them but I as I play more and more I’m sure I’ll remember them.


One comment

  1. LOL it’s the same thing we say to one of the local players here who plays Menoth and Circle, “Stop playing like 40K and go for the kill already!”

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