Pulp City Tactics: Iron Train

July 20, 2008

While waiting for my Pulp City starters I decided to write down some tactics that I could use in game. Some that are theory and some that are actual game play experiences. First one up is Iron Train.

Iron Train is a Level 2 Hero that is a part of the Heavy Metal team. He has an AP value of 5 and can take 18 points of damage. He is a Science based Supreme.

Stat Line
Iron Train is a melee monster with a Strength Trait of 5. This is also his Trump Trait so it gives him access to Power-Up and Throw and 1 Re-Roll per round.

Iron Train’s other Trump Trait is his Defense of 6. This gives him access to Block and my personal favorite Push Away.

Iron Train has the Armored skill which allows him to his use Defense trait against range attacks. This makes him very Resilient against ranged attacks. Tie that together with his Fortify special power and he is able to walk up into combat  while taking minimum damage from range attacks.

Barricade allows Iron Train to give other model’s that benefit from cover because of him a +2 to opposed rolls instead of the normal +1.  This will make models such as Androida and Red Riding Hoodo more survivable against range attacks.

Iron Train’s last skill is Ram 2. This allows him to add 2 on opposed rolls against structures. This is very helpful when dealing with Agendas such as Destroy That Building or Protect the HQ. If it needs to be brought down, Iron Train is your man.

Special Powers
Haunted Train is a 2″ self blast that uses Iron Trains meager Mind trait of 2 against an enemies Spirit trait. There are some villains that this would be useful again such as Gentlemen and Nuke with their low Spirit trait, but I’ve found that this is special power is best used against low defense Minion resources such as  Corrupted Cops, Hired Guns and even Sentry Bots. Iron Train can take out a bunch of them all for the cost of only 2 AP.

Street Brawler allows Iron Train to throw an object (similar to his Advance Throw and for 3 AM) but also cause the model hit to be Knocked Down if it suffers 3 or more points of Damage. If you have the AP for it you may want to Power Up this roll to make sure you do at least 3 points of damage. After the model is knocked down, the rest of your Supremes can gang up on that one model to elminate it.

Fortify gives Iron Train Immovable, Absorb 1 and Deflect 1until the end of the game round or until he moves. You may want to move first before activating this power. Absorb 1 and Deflect 1 reduces any damage Iron Train takes from close combat or range attacks by one, while Immovable allows Iron Train to not be Knocked Down. If Guerilla is in the area, you are going to want Fortify up to prevent his Raze from Knocking you down. I usually have this thing up on the first turn, just in case.

Team Power – Age of Steam
This is a once per encounter ability that allows all friendly Supremes to move 1 inche further when they use their move action. Remember to activate this first if you want all your Supremes to benefit from this.

To Be Continued…


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