Pulp City Tactics: Twilight

July 21, 2008

Twilight is a level 1 Villian that is of Mystery origins. She is part of The Covven. She has an AP limit of 4 of can take 7 points of damage.

Stat Line
At first look Twilight’s stat line does not look to impressive. Don’t let the gun in her hand fool you especially with her Energy trait of 2. Not only that she will need to buy a Silence Gun as a resource in order for her to make use of that trait.

All her other traits are an unimpressive 3 with the exception of her Agility trait which is a 5 and also her Trump trait which gives her to the Basic Duck trump action. With only 4 AP using this ability to reduce damage is one way to keep her alive as she moves into position.

Blink 4 allows Twilight to teleport up to 4″ as a Movement action, going through walls and obstacles. You can have Twilight hide safely out of line of site behind a dumpster and teleport her out into base to base with an enemy.

Fury 1 allows her to do Strike actions in a round instead of 1.

Annoying negates the +1 bonus a model gets when charging her.

Thick Bones is a very nice skill that allows you to position Twilight on top of a very high building away from harms ways. Don’t be fooled thinking Twilight can’t do anything while she’s high above on the building you are right next to. Too far to shoot? Yes. Too far to Blink down and join the combat? Yes. Too far to fall down like Kate Beckinsale in Underworld and walk away as if nothing happened? No. Thick Bones allows Twilight to jump of a building and take no damage from falling. Something fun to try in a game round when if the opportunity allows for it. Spend 1AP to Lurk then 1 AP to teleport up to 4″ above a fight where you have enough room to fit your base in and and come in contact with 2 ore more enemies. Drop down and combine with Shadow Fangs for 2 AP. Twilight is not striking with a total of 6 (Strength 3+ Lurking Shadow Fangs +2 and the Charge condition +1) against 2 enemies or 1 enemy twice.

Special Powers
Lurk is an Agility special power that only costs 1 AP to do. This forces an opponent shooting to use their Mind trait against Twilight’s agility. While it may not seem like much use against the likes of Androida, Solar and Ace of Wraiths, the true value of this power is using it in conjunction with Shadow Fangs.

Vanish is a 2 AP agility power that allows her to suffer no damage if rolls higher than the damage suffered adding her Agility trait to the D6 roll. This also allows her a free movment of 4″ For 2 AP you get a lot when compared to the basic Duck trump action. As long as she has AP, this can keep her alive even from heavy hitts like Iron Train.

Shadow Fangs is a strength based spcial action that costs 2 AP. This power is where Twilight really shines. One a charge with lurk brings her attack up to 6. And not just 1 attack but 2 attacks. Some easy prey for this are Red Riding Hoodoo and Androida with their low damage points.

Shadow Theft is a 2″ self blasts that uses Twilight’s Agility against an enemy’s Agility. It only cost 2 AP and it pretty much disallows use of an weapon and/or device till the end of the game round. Not really a special power that get’s a lot of use.

Team Power – Shadowzone
Shadowzone gives friendly Supremes +1 to their Agility while in base to base with twilight. Nuke can benefit this the most out of all the starter set villians.


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