Hell Dorado Must Go!

July 29, 2008

In an attempt to further consolidate my collection miniatures, I’m selling off my Hell Dorado figures. You can see my post on Barter Town here:


I don’t really want to let them go, but it’s been doing nothing for me. I’ll just wait for an official English release to get into this game.



  1. I’m surprized that you don’t simply use these as characters and unit leaders for a Mortal Chaos army for WHFB??

    Let me know and I might trade for them. they would b sweet for such an army!

  2. Hmmm it’s an idea, but I just don’t have energy to start another WHFB army as I plan on getting some Dark Elves.

    As doe trading for them… I don’t know what I really want :)

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