Is It Christmas Again?

July 31, 2008

Just picked up a ton of AT-43 today. Here’s what I got. For Red Blok I have the RPG RPG Zoldat Unit box and Unit Attachment Box, Strielitz Kolossus Unit Box and Lt. Dragomira 0-3. For Karman I have Saint Anuman with Jindo-Un and Mentor Freezer. For UNA I have Captain Newton and the UNA book (not pictured). For Therians I have the Therian Book (not pictured). I also got the new Medtecs with their special container and some walls the tile set (not pictured) and the Operation Damocles book (not pictured),

Lot of goodies to go through. Too bad Operation Frostbite is not out yet. I really want to know what the Medtecs and Dragomira does.


One comment

  1. very nice thx 4 the pics

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