Monsterpocalypse Invades the City!

July 31, 2008

Just got these goodies in today. I’m a very happy camper. :)



  1. Hey, I didn’t know you went to Comiccon!!

    So this means I get to keep the extra comic I got you right?

  2. I didn’t go. And yes you can keep the extra one. I found out from my brother that my ex-sister in law went with some friends of ours. I immediately told him to tell her to do a demo and get a fig for me. I even gave him the guilt trip to not forget I was fixing her computer :) She arrived last night and to my surprise she got it! :) I wasn’t sure if there was going to be any left as it was Friday night I found out she was there and there was only 2 days left in the con. So it was really like Christmas for me yesterday. :)

  3. Very Cool!! :)
    Its good to have family contacts and they are into the hobby!! Congrats!

    I noticed that you have your comicbook signed also!! That is very limited, because they were only there to sign for a few hours each day!

  4. IS there any difference between this and the actual release figs like will i miss out if i dont get it?

  5. From what I understand there is no difference. The figure I got is the actual production figure.

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