GenCon 2008 Privateer Press Report and Photos

August 19, 2008

Privateer Press was the busiest booth throughout the whole con. I was fortunate enough to get early access on Thursday and immediately headed to the Privateer Press booth. There were folks lined up for up to 2 hours that day to get the pre-releases and convention exclusives. Pre-released there was Warmachine: Legends the final chapter in the current Warmachine story arc. This book introduced 2 new factions for each Warcaster as well as new character warjacks and units and a new unit type called a Warcaster attachment. At the end of a book a new faction is disclosed called the Retribution.

Privateer Press also pre-released Kraye, Zerokova, Epic Severious, Epic Gorshade, Ol’ Rowdy, Salvation of Menoth, Cankerworm, Drago, Epic Eyriss and Anastatia for Warmachine and pre-released Slag Troll, Tharn Ravager White Mane, and Victor Pendrake for Hordes.

The biggest pre-release was Monsterpocalpyse. A limited sample was pre-released in the form of starters, monster boosters and unit boosters. 1 monster from each faction along with I believe half of the faction units and 4 buildings where included in this sample. Privateer limited the purchase of 1 starter per day with a max of 2 for the whole convention. Everyday except Thursday they would sell out of their allocation of starters by noon and on Sunday they ran out completely of starters to sell.

The demo area for Monsterpocalpse was very busy with folks crowding around just to see what this game is about. On Sunday you had to get in line to get a demo because it was so busy .

Privateer Press also made a convention release model of a Trolkin Kilt Lifter. This model sold out on Thursday but was made available to the public in Privateer’s online store the following Monday.


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