Fire of Salvation – Tiny!

August 25, 2008

I picked up the Menoth Character Warjack Fire of Salvation. I’m really disappointed in it’s size especially since it’ retails at $53.00. It should be at least a bit bigger than the standard Crusader and not smaller as this picture shows.



  1. Given that this is a unique jack, I think that it might be a good candidate for a custom base, either made of cork for a large stone pedestal or one of the resin ones for sale throughout the webway.

    Thanks for the heads up, so now I can do that myself! I will probably use one of Jeff’s from dragonforge miniatures that I picked up at Gencon.

  2. A cork base is really good idea. I may have to rebase mine now. Gotta see if I have an extra large base lying around.

  3. Hey Joel did you see where they were giving $8 refunds, seems they were overcharging for these minis.


  4. Yep I saw that. Fortunately I got it with PG points so I’ll just get a refund that way.

  5. Makes sense since the sculpt is so non-awe inspiring compared to the other new uniques. Man i really think PP just hates the PoM.

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