Monsterpocalypse Series 1: Rise Strategy Guide Review

October 17, 2008

I just got my copy of the Monsterpocalypse strategy guide today something I’ve been looking forward to getting since the release. It is 64 pages from cover to cover and printed in the same magazine format as Privateer’s bi-monthly magazine No-Quarter. It retails for $14.99.

The guide is split up into various sections, first a checklist then some general game strategies. Next are strategies for buildings and what factions/agendas benefit the most from them. After buildings each faction gets their own section showcasing all the stats of each model along with tactical tips. At the end of each faction section are tips on what building work well with your faction, sample army lists and strategies for playing with more than 1 one monster.

The book also includes strategies for 10 different maps including the map including in this guide. After the map section there’s a section that lists all the abilities categorized by their type similar to the way the quick reference sheet for each of the factions are but all in one place. In addition to this are tips and uses with each ability and what figures in the set have them.

The next section is dedicated to multi-monster strategies in terms of multi-monster power attacks and dice efficiency between the two. It later expands to mixing monsters of different factions but from neighboring agendas. The guide gives tactical tips for various team ups.

There’s a two page section in the guide that gives non-tactical tips but tips on the care and repair for you figure.

Toward the end there is a small puzzle similar to that featured in No-Quarter for Warmachine and Hordes that gives you a situation and a challenge to solve te situation. The answer is later give at the end of the book.

The most interesting part of the book that I found was the solo play rules. In this scenario you will only play units where your objective is to kill the monster before it destroys all the buildings. The map is set up with 12 buildings while you get to choose any 15 units with no penalty for spawning units of a different faction. The monster acts on its own according to a flow chart described in the rules.

The second most interesting part in the guide for me are previews for the next set called “I Chomp NY”. This set will feature 12 new monster 4 new buildings and 24 new units. Some units will come with new abilities. Concept art is shown for all 12 monsters. G.U.A.R.D. get Laser Knight and Nova, Lords of Cthul get Mogroth and Ulgloth, Martian Menace get Phobos-7 and the Tharsis Station, Planet Eaters get Xavor and Zorog, Terraraurs get Rakadon and Pteradax, and last but not least Shadow Sun Syndicate get Zor Magna and Zor Voltis.

Last but not least is an “Organized Play Survival Guide”. This section includes tips and strategies for various organized play formats from Sealed to Drafting.

Over all I really enjoyed the strategy guide. For a 64 page book it may not seem like a lot for $14.99 but you do get a lot of usable content and a nice map to play on. I highly recommend it for any Monsterpocalypse player.


One comment

  1. Thanks for the review. I thought this book was a waste of money, but now that I actually know exactly whats in it – particularly, the maps and solo play – i’m definitely gonna go out and grab this.

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