Mutant Chronicles????

November 23, 2008

I’m curious on how well Mutant Chronicles is doing. I don’t know anyone locally who picked up the game and it doesn’t seem to be flying off the shelves. I remember when it was posted that Fantasy Flight was changing it’s format to non-blind purchase it seems everyone was cheering on how great a move it was by Fantasy Flight and how other upcoming CMG’s should such as Monsterpocalypse should follow suit.

On the World of Warcraft Miniatures forums there are reported shortages of product, and Privateer Press has reported selling out it’s starters at the manufacturer’s level. I can see the effects of these shortages locally as World of Warcraft Miniatures and Monsterpocalypse have been flying off shelves since they were released. But what about Mutant Chronicles? I’ve not read any reports pertaining to it’s sales or success or shortage of product.

I’m really curious on why it’s not experiencing the same success as the other Monsterpocalyse and World of Warcraft Miniatures. Is it the change for format from blind to non-blind? Is it the rules? Is it the large scale of the figures?

Personally I resisted buying this game because of the scale and  because while the box sets were not blind the faction I was interested in had packs of miniatures that had 4 of the same sculpt in it with different paint jobs. Also the fact that nobody here seems to be interested in it. I predict I will see these figures on clearance sometime next year.


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