2008 Reflections

December 31, 2008

As 2008 comes to a close I’d like to reflect on some highlights this past year in terms of gaming.

The rulebook for Alternate Event’s World War 2 is finally released. Lots of good stuff in this book but I really need someone to play this game with.

Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok
I got into this game early on but it just never caught on locally. I hope that will change in 2009 as I really think it’s a great mass combat fantasy game.

Warhammer 40,000
I finally got into 40k this past year. It’s the first miniatures game that I’ve purchased back in 2003 and only in 2008 did I play my first game. I find not having any attachment to any army as this year alone I’ve bought and sold 2 armies (Tau and Daemons).

I didn’t get as much game time with Warmachine/Hordes as I would have liked to this year but it seems that this year was all about Menoth for me. Next year I’ll spread things around starting with Cygnar. I really need to finish my Press Gangers so I can have a fully painted pirate army.

Collectible Miniatures
Collectible miniatures were big for me this year as I got into both World of Warcraft Miniatures and Monsterpocalypse. Both great games with innovative mechanics.

Pulp City
After a year of anticipation I finally got some Pulp City miniatures. I look forward to getting more in 2009.

GenCon 2008
I went to GenCon this year and it was a blast. I want to go next year and every year after. It was really nice to meet a lot of the creators and developers of the games that I love. Lots to do and lots to see. I also qualified for the Reaper Speed painting contest as I did when I went to GenCon SC 06.

AT-43 seemed to take a back seat for me this year. I hope to change that next year. Next year I will finally get my hands on a Dotch Yaga to crush my enemies!

All in all a really great year. I’m sure I missed other stuff but hey it’s almost new years here and I have to get stuff ready. Till next year!


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