Project Log: Cygnar 750 Kraye List

January 6, 2009

My current project this week is to finish up a 750 point Kraye list for next week Monday’s Warmachine game. Here’s the list and it’s current progress.

Army Points: 733/750
Victory Points: 23

Captain Jeremiah Kraye – Completed
Thunderhead – Completed
Hunter – Completed
Hunter – Completed
Journeyman Warcaster – Completed
Major Katherine Laddermore – Completed
Storm Lances (4) – 3 Are completed, 1 is primed
Stannis Brocker – Base colors done
Steelhead Heavy Cavalry (3) – Base colors done

I just finished these Hunters 2 days ago. Still have to work on my mercs.


The list is an all cavalry theme list with the exception of the Journeyman Warcaster whose sole purpose in life is to cast Arcane Shield.

I hope to have everything done by Friday.


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