Warachine Battle Report: Cygnar vs. Cygnar

January 8, 2009

Yesterday I took my all cavalry list out for a spin. Despite my theme list’s many flaws for dealing with stuff I almost killed Epic Caine. I just needed to do 5 more points of damange to him rolling 3D6. I realized it was not meant to be when I rolled 3 ones.

Here are some of the flaw.

Steelhead Cavalry don’t really work well without Steelheads. They work better on the charge but with the small amount of models in my list I don’t have enough speed bump models to through out in the front. Hunters are fragile and Epic Caine will kill them. Next time I will have them hang in the back. The small numbers in my army allow me to be easily swarmed. I need to compensate for that some how.

Hopefully I can get another game in today and learn a bit more with this list.


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