January 10, 2009

I picked up Cragback & Lug and Dahlia & Skarath last night and just had to drop everything that I was working on and paint Lug. If only I could more bears in my army.


Update: Finish Crag




  1. These look great! I particularly like the bear, a real mean looking piece of work. It reminds of a lot of Iorek from the Golden Compass movie (I’ve got the Pullman books by their original titles but wasn’t sure how widely know those are).

    I might have to get that mini just to paint it in golden armour. I agree, more of these would look fantastic on the tabletop.

    Lovely work mate – and you managed to buy and paint with this one ;-)

  2. Thanks. So far so good. Let’s see if I can keep this resolution for the rest of the year :)

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