Battle Report: Epic Severius vs. Epic Caine

January 17, 2009

I played a game of Warmachine today. I used Epic Severius and my opponent used Epic Caine. It seemed like a one sided game as my units got shot by Caine and Gun Mages in the form of the Gun Mage Unit, Gun Mage Captain Adept, Black 13th and Holt. The tide started to change when Epic Severius popped his feat and took control a total of 5 warrior models that became solos.  First thing I did was move his Stormsith over to Storm Call Caine for a some damage.  Then I took control of his Bokur! At this point it should be game over but the Bokur missed his 2 pole arm attacks. Luckily he hit with his shield but it wasn’t enough to take out Caine. With this failure I ran his Stormlance leader far away and tried to attack Caine with my opponents Stormguard but expectedly failed to hit. I then consolidated my troops for another round of combat. My opponent tried to consolidate his Stormlances and took the chance of a free strike from Gravus. Gravus just rolled enough damage to kill the Stormlance which left me room to charge Caine on my turn. My turn came up and I charged Caine with Gravus but failed to hit with a boosted roll. Caine lives yet again! I then moved my Revenger up to prepare an arc node Immolation from Severius. I finally hit Caine and boosted damage to finish him off. 3rd times the charm!


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