Project: High Elves

February 19, 2009


Today I picked up a whole bunch of High Elves. Here’s what I have to work on.

  • 2 Boxes of Spearmen (32 models)
  • 1 Box of Silver Helms (8 models)
  • 1 Chariot (5 models- Chariot, 2 lions, 2 elves)
  • 1 Bolt Thrower (3 models – 2 elves, 1 bolt thrower)
  • 1 Box of Dragon Princes (5 models)
  • 1 Box Elf Mage and Mounted Arch Mage (2 models)
  • 1 Box Elf Lord and Noble (2 models)

Total of 57 models.

Let’s see how fast I can put this army together. I hope to get them all done in a month.



  1. The rate you paint at I can see you doing it in a month.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your lion chariot, that model, along with the new dragon riding heroes nearly made me consider jumping back into Fantasy Battle. I’ve not played for a while – my partially painted dwarf army is in semi-retirement (last seen taking multiple beatings from wood elves and brets).

  2. Nice, I always liked the High Elves. I just wish they had more plastic miniatures … do you want this to be a growing army or just a small force?

  3. @a_thousand_hats: Thanks I hope I can. I just finished assembling most of the chariot and bolt thrower getting it ready for painting. I also finished painting the mounted elf lord. Just need to finish up the noble.

    I don’t even really like the game that much, but I do like the folks who are playing that game and to me the folks you play is what really makes a game enjoyable or not. Plus I really love the models.

    @ijiro: So far everything I have above are plastic with the exception of the Dragon Princes. I just want to get up to a 2000 point playable force.

  4. Hi, and best of luck, I am still struggling with my High Elves.

    Any yes, I hardly play anymore as the people I like to play with are all semi-retired!

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