Project: Imperial Guard

February 22, 2009

My next 40K army will be Imperial Guard. Yesterday to start of my Imperial Guard project I picked a Battalion and a unit of Imperial Guardsmen. Today Ipicked upa Basilisk. I have a couple months to get these things read for the May release of the new codex. Hopefully I would have everything finished by then.



  1. If you’re thinking of having Ogryn in your army check out Hasslefree Miniatures O Grymmn. I picked one up at Hammerhead (only £5) and it’s huge, I’ve not got a recent GW Ogryn to compare with but it’s bigger than the old metal versions by Citadel/Maruader in the late 80s/early 90s. Hasslefree only have the one pose at the minute though but it’s a great model.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I plan on making a tank heavy army (if possible under the new codex). I’m also planning to get at least two Valkyries.

  3. Looking at the rumours it looks like a tank heavy army is possible. Lots of tanks and two Valkyries – what PV are you looking to have available 2-3000’ish or just as big as it gets?

  4. Check for the re-release of the Apacalypse boxes… I got three Leman Russ tanks in the first release (currently gathering dust), and now it seems you can field three of them as a single HS slot.


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