Looking At Urban War Again

April 16, 2009

Urban War has always intrigued me. I love the model range and the rules seems pretty straight forward. A couple of things are making me look at this game again. First the new ruleset and supplement Urban War: Strike Team Actions and  Urban War CLAUS. Second is the fact there are 2 other folks that are want to get into this game as well. The latter is a much bigger factor into me looking at Urban War as it’s always nice to have someone to play with.

A couple of days ago I orderd the Strike Team Actions rulebook and CLAUS supplement along with some models that I like here and there. After I give a good reading through the books I’m going to decided exactly what faction I”m going to start.

Based upon looks there are 3 factions that stand out to me. Viridian, Syntha and VASA. I may end up doing all 3 eventually but I think I may start with VASA and Syntha as on of my other friends already has some Viridian stuff from Void.

I’ve given up the idea of starting an Imperial Guard army and have sold those models off along with my not finished Stompa. On to something new!


One comment

  1. I can’t recommend enough the new VASA models (particularly the Black Legion, Red Guard and CLAU models). Plus VASA can bring some Triad help for even more versatility.

    Of course, if you do decide on Viridians, I have a nice starting force of the newer sculpts up for sale/trade

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