Privateer Press Inviational

May 24, 2009

Last weekend I was the Privateer Press Invitational. It was a weekend of gaming, food and fiends.  Here are some highlights of my weekend there.


  • Got to the hotel, unpacked and headed to a local game store called Genesis Games and Gizmos
  • Headed out to Privateer Press Headquarters
  • Meet and greeting
  • Signing of NDA’s
  • A lot of oohs and aahs visiting the site.
  • Picked up my Press Gang order.
  • Played a game of Monsterpocalyse against PPS_DC, and won. I’m purposely leaving out the details of my win but a win is a win:)
  • Headed back to the hotel


  • Arrived at Privateer Press Headquarters
  • Played in a huge game with all the factions. Mercs were assigned to factions that were short players regardless of allegiances.
  • Mercs met to divided up characters as everyone character model was unique throughout the whole day. Meaning no more than one person can field any character model.
  • Playing mercs I got assigned to Everblight. Ironically Eyriss and Cylena worked for Everblight that day.
  • Deals were made, alliances were forged and backstabbing and betrayal was rampant. Even the 3 merc players hired by Legion holding Legion’s fortress on their own for a moment thought of giving it up to the highess bidder.
  • Legion allied with Circle for free passage through their lands and a non-agression pact.
  • Legion’s goal was to deny Khador their home base and take it over (which we did and we held it from them).
  • Legion had a non agression pact with Cryx only to be backstabbed by Cryx. There were 2 Khador forces along with 2 Legion forces. A Cryx force came and Legion though this was good news. I allowed a Cryx player to deploy with my forces only to get bile thralled! Dirty Cryxian bastards. My fellow Legion player tried to avenge me but had to now face table outnumbered by Khador and now Cryx.
  • I fled my forces to a empty table where Menoth led by Gravus was the sole occupant. A fully charge Alexia with Risen failed to kill Gravus. (Why won’t you just die!) Then all of the sudden some Legion reinforcements came. Yay! Menoth was looking to lose their flag on that table. But wait, the Khador force that we chased out of our home turf followed me with Uhlans and a MoW Dragoon in Ashlynns back! To make matters worse a Skorne force arrived in my front! 3 Uhlans and a MoW Dragoon charges Ashlynn and fails to kill her by 1 point. Legion and Menoth pleas with Skorne for some kind of alliance but Skorne will not ally with anyone and attacks both Khador killing the Old Witch and then Menoth and then leaves. My fellow Legion player also leaves to help out some of our other forces leaving the table back to me and the Menite. My forces makes their way to capturing Menoths flag when another faction comes in and takes out a weekend Merc Detachment of Legion (me). Menoth already weakened as well decides to abandon the post and flee with what he has left in tact.
  • I get pulled into Menoth’s table and to help my fellow Legion Player Ryan from the Pod Thralls against two Menoth forces, one under the command of DC. After critically devastating a unit of greater destiny Zealots. I left a nice charge lane for my teammate to take out the blessing of vengence. Unforutnately the Blighted Swordsmen couldn’t finish the jack and Ashlynng got arc noded a nasty spell leaving her with only 1 damage box left. DC needed anything but 1’s to kill her and failed. A Deliverer rocket that deviated on her was enough to kill her though.
  • After all the carnage on Saturday Menoth was declared the winner with Legion somewhere in between and with Cygnar sucking in last place.
  • We left Privateer Headquarters and headed over to local game shop and played pick up and games and talk story with each other.


  • Sunday we all arrived at PP Headquarters for pick up games and to talk story with serveral folks.
  • The staff there brought out the grill and served up BBQ burgers and hotdogs for everyone along with chips and drinks.
  • Got to talk story with Matt Wilson of our interests in Tokusatsu.
  • Later that day I said my goodbyes and drove back down to Oregon.

The Invitational was blast. It was really cool just hanging out with other folks who love the game and promote it and those that are responsible for the creation of it. I hope to make it again next year… hopefully with Hawaii’s other Press Gangers.


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