My Pledge for June

May 30, 2009

I pledge to buy nothing miniature related for the month of June. I already have too much stuff to paint that I need to catch up on. Let’s see if this pledge works.



  1. I was thinking the same thing – only I know I’m picking up few things once they appear on Hasslefree’s store. I’ve had to call off going to the UK games expo this year though which is a bit disappointing but financially necessary.

    My aim for June is to complete my Blood Angels 40k force (a diversion from my Ork force). Altogether I’ve got to complete 2250 points worth. Which is actually doable now that I’ve got the spray gun – base coating becomes very quick indeed. I’ve had a moment of army painting technique inspiration from a recent article in White Dwarf by Chris Peach.

  2. Cool. The new Privateer Bastions come out this month and that might break my pledge. Although if I don’t technically by them then I should be okay. :)

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