Arcane Legions Demo Kit

July 25, 2009

I got a hold of a demo kit the other day. Here’s a picture of the kit itself.


Here’s a picture of some of the painted miniatures along a Games Work Shop Dark Elf Warrior, War Craft Adventure Game miniatature, and a Hordes Sorceress miniature.




  1. Interesting… soft plastic sprue sheets. Looks like the sculpts lose quite a bit of detail. The pre built bases are nice tho.

  2. Very nice looking minis (size and format considered). The Roman Legion look a bit like ornate Marines, or maybe Junkers, but still good.

    I might have to add these to my shopping list for GenCon. I’m just not sure which faction to get.

  3. […] Arcane Legions Demo Kit I got a hold of a demo kit the other day. Here’s a picture of the kit itself. […]

  4. Wow – that is bendy plastic!

    This looks more and more like a pick up and play game that you chuck back in the box when you’ve finished.

    Minimal effort required to get your wargaming fix – this could be the next stage of ‘inbetweenie’ wargames. I’m thinking you have things like Battlelore or Heroscape at one end and GW or PP games at the other and then Arcane sits somewhere in the middle.

    It’s a very interesting approach, it’s had a huge amount of investment so I hope it works out for the guys doing it.

    Now I’ve found a position for it in my head with regards expectations (E.g. not a GW-like hobby game) I’m warming to it more.

  5. Can you give a basic run down of the kinds of troops and stuff each faction has. For instance it appears there are some big roman armored guys…what else do they have?

    It looks like the demo kit has a Roman centurion looking guy and the 4 minitaurs. The han have a foo dog, 4 archers and some kind of leader. What is in there for the egyptians (looks like a sorceress and two big zombie guys). How doe these special units play?

    Also, if you have played a bit…how does each faction feel? For example…are the romans hard hitters or hard to kill? Do the egyptians do a lot of regeneration? Etc.

    Really trying to figure out which faction to play.

    Thanks in advance for any

  6. do you want to sell these

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