Retribution Spoilers

August 12, 2009

Here are some spoilers for the Retribution.

Adeptis Rahn – Warcaster

Focus 8.

Feat: +2 range to non channeled spells at magic attack and damage rolls are boosted to everyone in ctrl.

+2 def again range attack andno blast damage. Beat Back, Critical Smite, Reach, Magic Weapon


Chain Blast – 3″ AOE that rolls an addition 3″ aoe deviation.

Force Blast – Target battlegroup model. Enemeys are pushed 4″ directly away.

Force Field – Self – doesn’t suffer b last or collateral damage, no KD, if an AOE attack deviates you choose the direction.

Force Hammer – Slams non incorporeal modesl d6″a and suffers pow 12.

Polarity Sheild – Like the cent.

Telekenisis – Like ehaley.

Ravyn, Eternal Light

Foc 6

Feat: Fire Storm – Models in CTRL gain boosted attack rolls and swift hunter.

Gunfighter, Quick Work (after destroying model with melee can make a range), Swift Hunter, Virtuoso, Magi Weapon, Blaster (may spend a focus to turn into AOE), Thresher.





Veil of Mists – 4″ AOE cloud that doesn’t affect friend models, give friendly pathfinder, move through obstructions while in it

Vortex of Destruction – Damage rolls against enemy modes in SELF range are automatically boosted.

Invictor UA

Officer – CRA, Officer, Defensive Line, Extended Fire (+4 RNG) mini feat.

Flank. Granted Combine Arms. If attack misses for a CRA it can reroll that attack once.

Standard Bearer – Defensive Line.

Sentinel UA

Officer – Officer, Drive: Pronto, Granted Vengeance (bane knights)

Standard Bearer – Defensive line

Mage Hunters Strike Force

CMA, Pathfinder, Stealth, Arcane Assassin and Jack Hunter (Additional die to melee and range damage rolls against jack) perfect for Kaelyss. Mage Hunters are rat 6 with range 12 guns. Light jacks beware PoW 10 shots with 3d6. Warcaster beware if it’s backlashed. POW 9 +4D6 if they charge a jack. If they CRA it it would pack a big punch against a heavy.

Mage Hunter Strike Force UA
Mage Hunter UA gives them AD and Phantom Seeker.

Dawnguard Destors (Cav unit)

Gun fighter, Dual Shot, Unyielding (+2 arm while engaged)

Dawnguard Destor Than (cav solo)

Commander, Gunfighter, Unyeilding, Virtuoso (Holt), Mulit-fire (like esorsha’s gun)

Stormfall Archers

Range 12 power 12 3 inche AOE weapons, May choose on of the following attacks (doesn’t have to be as a whole).Brutal Shot, Snipe, Star Strike – no damage but suffers fire.

House of Shyeel Magister
Magic Ability 7, Force Bolt – POW 10 RNG 10 pushes D3″, Whip Snap – RNG 6 POW 12 friend model within 3″ can advance up to 3″, Beat Back, Combo Smite
Mage Hunter Assassin
AD, Pathfinder, Stealth, Arcane Assassin, Weapon Master, Chain Strike (4″ melee during activation), Chain Weapon, Decapitation (Damage is double, no tough roll)
Ghost Sniper
Pathfinder, Stealth, Camouflage, Swift Hunter (elylyth), Deadly Shot (like snipe but 3 points of damage)

Souless Escort
Attachment any Retribution Unit, Disbinding (enemy upkeep spells expire), Flank, Mage Static (-5 range to magic attacks agianst this unit) Souless, Tag Along (does not gain unit abilities except AD)
Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen
Dragoon, Rapid Strike (one additional attack), Righteous Fury (+2 arm when friendly faction models within command are destroyed),  Magic Weapon, Reach, Weapon Master, Blessed.
AD, Fearless, Stealth, Souless, Arcane Annihilation (when it is destroyed by an enemy model,  enemy models within 8″ lose focus and fury points and cannot cast spells, channel or use animi), Spell Ward. Magic Weapon, Reach.
Houseguard Halberdiers
CMA, Ranked Attacks, Shield Wall, Reach, Brutal Charge, Set Defense
Houseguard Halberdiers UA
CMA, Officer, Granted: Reform (after completing action models can move 3″) Ranked Attacks, Team Effort (Once per game +2 attack adn damage rolls again enemy models in melee range of another model in unit), Standard Bearer, Reach, Brutal Charge Set Defense
Houseguard Riflemen
CRA, Ranked Attacks. Rang 14 power 10.
Houseguard Riflemen UA
CRA, Officer. Granted: War Tempered (can make CRA models in melee), Ranked Attacks, Whites of Their Eyes (mini feat, gain additional die on range attack rolls against models within 8″).


  1. Thank you so much!!! I have pasted in the PP forum.

    Can you put some stuff about the Battle Mages, the Arcanist and the Scyr? that will be really great,

  2. Sure thing.

    Battle Mages
    Magic Ability 6
    Force Bolt – RNG 10, POW 10 magic on pushes d3 on crit KD.

    Dawnguard Scyir
    Commander, Jack Marshal, Coordinated Strike (This model and the jack it controls ignores Dawnguard for LOS and can move through them), Drive: Reroll (Warjack and reroll one attack), Flank, Iron Sentinel (+2 Arm when B2B with faction warjack), Reach.

  3. Almost forgot.

    Special Actions
    Concetrated Power – RNG 5 targe warjack gets +2 to melee damage rolls.
    Power Booster – RNG 5 if jack has no focus it gains 1 focus. If it was disrupted it is no longer disrupted.
    Repair – D6 damage.

  4. What about the arcanist? And thanks so much for puttig these up.


  6. What about the point system and what unit sizes are allowed?

  7. Awesome spoilers, thanks!

    What do the cav look like in the spoilers? Horse-based, other?

  8. Retribution Point Costs
    Field Allowance/Warjack Points

    Field Allowance/Warjack Points

    Garryth, Blade of Retrubution
    Kaelyssa, Nights Whisper
    Adeptis Rahn
    Ravyn, Eternal Light
    Dawnlord Vyros

    Field Allowance/Cost

    U/ 6

    Field Allowance/Min Numbers-Cost/Max Numbers-Cost

    Dawnguard Invictors
    – Dawnguard Invitors UA
    Dawnguard Sentinels
    – Dawnguard Sentinels UA
    Dawnguard Destors (cav unit)
    House Shyeel Battle MAges
    Houseguard Halberdiers
    – Houseguard Halberdies UA
    Houseguard Riflemen
    – Houseguard Riflemen UA
    Mage Hunter Strike Force
    – Mage Hunter Strike Force UA
    Stormfall Archers

    Weapon Attachments
    Souless Escort
    3/1/Up to 3 1 each

    Dawnguard Destor Than (cav solo)
    Dawnguard Scyir
    House Shyeel Magister
    Mage Hunter Assasin
    Ghost Sniper
    Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
    Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
    Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen (dragoon)

  9. Very interesting. How did you get the book so early without an NDA?

  10. As a volunteer we sometimes get pre-releases before street date. I was fortunate enough that mine came in the mail a day earlier than expected.

  11. What is the cost of the min unit of invictors, you have it at 10.

  12. Tx for the spoilers.

    Can you confirm that Rahn and Ravyn’s feats affects all friendly models or just faction models?


  13. Thanks a ton mate!

    If you have the time later on I’d appreciate more stats on modells we don’t have. I assume the mkI model stats are roughly similar?

    • Yep the ones in MK2 are very similar to MK1. Only difference I really see is their cost.

  14. Costs for the Dawnguard Sentinel UA and Dawnguard Invictors Unit for minimum cost seem to be wrong.

  15. Mini Ivictors are 6 points.

  16. Fixed some typos in the point costs.

  17. Just realized I misread something.

    AD, Fearless, Stealth, Souless, Arcane Annihilation (when it is destroyed by an enemy model, enemy models within 8″ lose focus and fury points and cannot cast spells, channel or use animi), Spell Ward. Magic Weapon, Reach.

  18. that changes Nayl a bit.

    • Indeed — not quite as sick as he first sounded.. makes him fun for denial too.. nobody’s gonna want to pop him near a caster.. forces them to move and go places you want them to.. mixed in with the Manticores and their area templates etc Retrib seems to be very much about controlling the flow of the battle

  19. Many thanks so far!

    Just a few specific questions:
    -Does Arcanist really cost only 1 point?
    -Is Force Hammer spell on Rahn really just like Thunderstrike on Caine, but POW12; it probably is then cheaper (and therefore better) also?
    -How does Vortex of Destruction on Ravyn really work?

  20. The battle mages confuse me. Are they decent Mat and P+S for melée? Also, what’s with Rahn’s feat? Only magic attacks, so he and other battle mages have a benefit? I’m not seeing the synergy, but maybe it’s great for him, alone.

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