Ex-Illis Woes

August 21, 2009

I got my Ex-Illis starter from my GenCon ninja today and I’m a bit disappointed. I originally thought the tiles were 1 foot squares but now learn they are only 9″. I made the mistake of thinking “5 x 4 board” meant in feet.

I registered my set to download the beta and find that the install is extremely buggy. This is not what I expected for the beta. I though we would be beta testing actually game play and interaction, not software installs.

I will put this game down for now. When they get the software right I will try it out.



  1. Have you tried it out again ? I recently got it and it`s very nice. I’m looking around for more players :)

  2. Unfortunately no. I’ve sold the set the I got from GenCon. I did keep the tiles however.

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