Christmas! Sort of…..

September 3, 2009

Yesterday and today was sort of like Christmas for me. Yesterday I  picked up the new Space Hulk and got the Malifaux rulebook in the mail. Today I got some awesome AE-Bounty figures from Darkson Designs.



  1. Which AE-Bounty models did you order?

  2. I got the Defender, Gunfighter and Huntsman. All very nice.

  3. Heh, same ones I picked up :p

    I was thinking about getting some of the aliens, but it would have been nice to see what they all did first – and I didn’t want to spend 10 minutes flipping through the rulebook preview to do so.

  4. I cant help but wanna jump in on Malifaux, how do the rules hold up?

  5. The rules are pretty solid. It doesn’t use any dice but it’s very dynamic and easy to learn. I highly recommend it.

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