Magnetizing the Khador Plastic Warjack Kit

January 13, 2010



  1. How did you get your kits when the street date is the 20th???

    Nice looking kit though…

  2. Ya know being a Pressganger does have its perks. :)

    • Ah, you’re a filthy claimjumper ;)

      Very cool, way to remind me how irksome it is that I can’t become one :P

      • Why can’t ya? Just have to apply.

  3. What size bit is teh best for drilling?

  4. Larkin, family commitments mean I’m very rarely free on Saturdays to the point where I could run events, and our FLGS is closed on Sundays. Since I can’t run events, no Press Gangery for me. A have to settle for flooding the interwebs vis Lost Hemisphere

  5. As someone else pointed out, it would be useful to know what size bits you worked up through and how you utilized them.

    For instance the first bit you used was probably the smaller bit that P3 or any other pin vice might come with. The second would be the larger. But after that it is hard to tell which bits you used because you don’t get that great of a comparison on a video, but I can assume that you used something very close to or exactly 1/8″ since that was the size of the magnets.

    But how did you go about drilling them? Did they fit into your pin vice? Did you just manually turn them? Did you use a power drill? That information could be very handy especially for new comers who may not realize that using a high powered drill could do more damage than good.

  6. I hand drilled the initial hole with a bit that’s smaller than 1/16. I don’t remember the size. I then drilled up with a small battery operated drill/screw driver a size up until I got to the size of the magnet. For me it was 1/16 then 3/32 then 3/16 then finally 1/8. Hope this helps.

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