MK2 Re-sculpts

January 19, 2010

I got the re-sculpts of Skarre and Feora the other day and built them up. These two look great. I like them a lot more than their original models. I really hope Privateer Press does more re-sculpts. As far as warcasters are concerned I think Ashlynn desperately needs a new model. I’d also love them to redo the Gune Mages as well.



  1. I think Skarre’s resculpt is fine save for the ridiculously oversized sabre she’s wielding. The tendency to go Manga on the resculpts bothers me, i’m afraid.

    Feora looks great, love the striding posture!

    • Yeah… Skarre’s sword is kind of huge but I prefer it over the original model in terms of pose.

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